Thursday, April 24, 2008

AGM 2008

The AGM was held last night in the Gingerman.

The new committee is
Captain Joe
Vice-Captain Kevin
Treasurer Sebastien
Secretary Amy
PRO Darren
Ordinary committee members Ronan (also new webmaster) & Damien

most improved player of the year: Daniel O'Keefe
spirit of Judo: Ildico Wille

promotions during the year:
Conor Flanagan to 1st Dan!!!
Ildico & Joe to brown belt
Elizabeth to orange belt

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Training January 08

Training at the moment is focusing mainly on the upcoming All Ireland Intervarsities that will take place in Cork on the 16h February.

That means some mean fitness program in the beginning, then randori; some competition orientated techniques. Today Conor did groundwork drills while John explained competition rules to the first time competitors.

Good numbers in training at the moment; about 20 to 25 on Monday; about 15 today.

JuJutsu training got quite established as well, with a few regulars that Dutch Kevin is teaching once a week, atm on Thursday evenings.

For information on the club please refer to our homepage!

Blog is Back

We didn't really update the blog for ages, sorry about that, but we'll try to do it again regularly!

DU Judo Committee

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Training Trinity Term

We finally moved to the new hall! Loads of space, great training so far. We are between 5 and 10 ppl training at the moment. Training is rather recreational after all the competing - we start with warm-up games, continue with breakfalls, then practice techniques and do randori at the end. Plan for the next weeks: very technical training on Mondays, more fitness and fighting on Thursdays. Also preparation for the upcoming grading in June.

Friday, February 23, 2007


We were most successful again, and very very happy! Here are the medals for TCD JUDO (hope to put up complete results soon):

Women's first team (Jenny Dwyer, Ildico Wille, Elizabeth Moloney): GOLD
Men's first team(John Deenihan, Ciaran Cosgrave, Kevin Moerman, Conor Flanagan, Paddy Wheen): GOLD
Women's second team (Inga Jende, Stephanie Toetsch, Amy Nordon): Bronze

John Deenihan: Gold -90kg, Gold men's Open, Player of the Day
Ciaran Cosgrave: Gold -73kg, Award for "throw of the day"
Paddy Wheen: Gold -100kg
Ed Burridge: Gold +100kg
Kevin Moerman: Gold Upper Kyu
Joe Moore: Silver -66kg

Ildico Wille: Gold Middle Kyu, Silver -70kg
Jenny Dwyer: Silver Middle Kyu, Silver -57kg
Inga Jende: Silver Lower Kyu, Bronze -57kg
Elizabeth Moloney: Bronze Lower Kyu, Bronze -70kg
Stephanie Toetsch: Bronze -52kg
Amy Nordon: Bronze -70kg

But the people who didn't get a medal shall not be forgotten, it was a really good competition with high standard and all fought very, very well! The team spirit was also really good, every fight was supported by a bunch of teammates, and also by our beloved full time supporters Paddy and Dave.

Big thanks to everyone who was there!

(and if I forgot anybody sorry and email me so it can be changed!!! Ildico)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Trinity College Judo Club

Preparation for the competitions at the moment. John is doing the training that consists of cardio/fitness for the first hour and mainly fighting for the second. Beginners and Oldies mixed up. It's tough, but it's really really good. We will be SO prepared!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Training

We're doing some MMA in college over the next couple of weeks.

Monday 11th - 5pm
Wednesday 13th -5pm
Thursday 14th -5pm
Friday 15th -5pm

Monday 18th -5pm
Wednesday 20th -5pm

Wednesday 3rd -5pm
Thursday 4th -5pm
Friday 5th -5pm

You're welcome to come to as many or as few of those classes as possible
(I recommend you do them all). We'll be covering the grappling aspect of
MMA mostly with a tiny bit of striking and maybe judo too.

If you have any questions you can email lallykm at tcd dot ie or
flanagco at tcd dot ie

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Party Ideas

First week back in Hilary Term we hope to have a night out to have fun and raise funds. Money would come in handy for paying for intervarsities, other competitions, maybe gradings too. First step is to get a good theme.

Any way so far we have got:

1)War and Peace: Hippies, Anarchist, Rambo look-a-likes, military uniforms, george bush masks, osama bin laden beards, dictators with facial hair in general,terrorists, balaclavas, hammers, sickles, celtic jerseys etc.
2)Power Rangers
4)Angry death metal emo hate their parents types vs jockish bess rugby snobbish d4
love their mum types

Reply to this post with more ideas comments,etc.